Which advantages do I have with an electropolished chain?

Electrolytic polishing is an electrochemical process to refine surface quality.

In the electrochemical process, the overall surface area is reduced through eliminating surface roughness by means of a specially developed machine line. Thus resulting in superb corrosion resistance, excellent clean ability and enhanced Chrome Dioxide layer thickness. The bright mirror like surface tops the factors with a brilliant appearance.

Of which material should my anchor chain be made of?

The correct choice can decide about life and gives you peaceful anchor watches in foul weather.

cromox – stainless steel chains have a breaking force twice as high as galvanized steel chains. Moreover the smooth surface avoids the forming of clusters inside the anchor locker.

Stainless steels are generally regarded as seawater resistant with a PRE-value of at least 33. The cromox Duplex material 1.4462 (AISI 318LN) has a PRE-value of 35 and is therefore seawater resistant up to 34.50 degrees.

How long is the warranty for the chains and components?

For anchor chains made of 1.4404, no warranty applies for use in salt water.

Ketten Wälder offers a 3 year warranty period against corrosion for its cromox Duplex 1.4462 AISI 318LN chains in electro polished surface quality, 2 years of warranty apply for bright polished cromox Duplex chains from date of purchase.
The warranty periods can be renewed after an inspection of a Ketten Wälder service official.

Which advantages and disadvantages have assembled and welded chain slings?

Best investment effectiveness but longer lead times for welded systems, easier inspection after frequent use in aggressive media. Short lead times and possible individual confection at customer warehouse for mechanically assembled slings and a slightly higher investment.

Are the materials and the purchased parts certified?

Yes. All our lifting, lashing and load suspension products are being individually tested and certified by our Quality Control team.

Which quality certificates do I receive buying goods at Ketten Wälder?

A certificate 2.2 is issued for every manufactured and tested cromox product in grade 60. For an additional charge a certificate 3.1 can be issued as well.

The right question is not there?

The team of Ketten WÄLDER is at your disposal!