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Stainless Steel Chains NC

AISI 316 similar to DIN 5685-1, long link, not tested

The chains which correspond to DIN 5685-1 and DIN 5685-2 are not strength-tested according to DIN 685, part 3 and are not to be used for lifting (according to DIN 15003) or static lifting operations.


TypeDimensions mmWeight ca. kgCalculated Load Capacity
NC 22,0223,50,0600,25
NC 33,0265,50,1500,55
NC 44,0327,00,2701,00
NC 55,0359,00,4301,60
NC 66,04211,00,6302,00
NC 77,04912,00,8603,00
NC 88,05214,01,1004,00

Tested, calibrated on request
Bundle length 30 m