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Stainless Steel Chains NA

AISI 316 similar to DIN 5685-2, short link, Form G, not calibrated

The chains which correspond to DIN 5685-1 and DIN 5685-2 are not strength-tested according to DIN 685, part 3 and are not to be used for lifting (according to DIN 15003) or static lifting operations.


TypeDimensions mmWeight ca. kgCalculated Load Capacity
NA 22,0123,50,0700,20
NA 33,0165,50,1600,45
NA 4*4,0197,00,3000,80
NA 5*5,0219,00,5001,25
NA 66,02411,00,7301,60

*AISI 316L, Also tested possible
Bundle length 30 m