cromox nautic

cromox Windlass Anchor Chains CDK/CIA, Grade 60

Typ Prenice 23

AISI 316L, measures acc. to DIN 766 and ISO 4565, tested, calibrated, bright polished

Advantages of Electropolishing
Electrolytic polishing is an electrochemical process for surface treatment which causes ferritic ions to leave the material surface. The intended purpose is to reduce the microroughness. Therefore dirt or product remains are much more unlikely to stick to the chain. The cleanability is improved. Electrolytic polishing is also used for deburring, buffing or passivating. The process effects a metallurgical clean surface without defects. The material‘s corrosion resistance is fully exploited


TypeDimensions mmWeight kgSafe Working Load kNBreaking Force kN
Normdtb1 min.b2 max.
CDK 6DIN 766618,57,220,80,78018,7537,5
CDK 8DIN 766824,09,627,21,35031,5063,0
CDK 10DIN 7661028,012,036,02,30050,00100,0
CDK 13DIN 7661336,015,647,03,90083,50167,0
CIA 6ISO 4565618,08,121,60,80018,7537,5
CIA 8ISO 4565824,010,828,81,40031,5063,0
CIA 10ISO 45651030,013,536,02,20050,00100,0
CIA 12ISO 45651236,016,243,23,20071,25142,5