cromox lifting

cromox Swivel Eye Screws CDS-PSA Grade 60

as Personal Protective Equipment


  • 360° rotation and adjustable in any load direction
  • Forged ring-body increases fatigue resistance
  • Ring-body and screw are 100 % crack detected
  • Screw secured at ring-body to prevent loss
  • Duplex material 1.4462 (AISI 318LN) ensures superior corrosion resistance
  • Approved and certified as Personal Protective Equipment
  • Tested acc. DIN EN 795, DIN CEN/TS 16415, DIN EN 50308


Typefor protection of max. Dimensions mmThreadAcross flats allen keyWeight ca. kg
CDS PSA 22 Pers.44,012,529,5M 12x2280,200
CDS PSA 33 Pers.49,514,032,5M 16x25100,310

*Standard length of thread. Special lengths up to 150 mm on request