cromox lifting

cromox Chains CK, Grade 60

Surface treatment: shot peening

similar DIN 5687, AISI 316L

cromox we provide solutionsWith the new cromox chain configurator you can easily and quickly assemble your individual chain hanger according to your needs.


TypeW.L.L.Dimensions mmWeightca. kg
tdtb2 max.
CK 3 *0,203,014,012,50,170
CK 40,404,012,013,70,350
CK 50,635,015,018,50,540
CK 60,906,018,022,20,800
CK 71,257,021,025,91,100
CK 81,558,024,029,61,400
CK 102,4510,030,037,02,200
CK 133,8513,039,048,13,800
CK 16 (G5)5,0016,048,059,25,700
CK 18 (G5)7,0018,054,064,87,300

*Factory standard, not marked