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Ketten Wälder – what makes us special

As an owner-managed company, we are not dependent on quarterly figures at the stock exchange or on the requirements of more or less anonymous shareholders. Our decisions are determined by company goals designed for the long term.

We count our success being a direct result of our short decision-making process, quick response to changing market requirements and the continued improvement of products and processes.
We just simply live by our convictions in our everyday entrepreneurial life.

New products


cromox Pocket Wheels, Chain Sprockets and Windlass Gypsies

Lifting, Moving, Transporting

We manufacture pocket wheels, chain sprockets and guide wheels based upon your individual specifications using our cutting edge 5-axis CNC machine. The stainless steel and duplex-grade materials work well with our cromox line of products.
Our precision engineering and manufacturing processes ensure precise noise reduced operation with optimal wear and tear properties. FEM streamlined geometries and optimized geometry provides the perfect load transmission with minimal stresses.

Please speak with our sales staff directly for pricing and ordering information.

The Ketten Wälder product groups


cromox lifting

Here you can find lifting products, lifting points, hoist equipments, pump chains and components.


cromox nautic

Here you can find anchor chains, forerunner chains, nautic shackles and components.


cromox play

Here you can find stainless round steel link chains, stainless swing chains, shackles and components.


Chains and components

Here you can find round steel link chains, endless chains, hooks, forestry components.

Services, bespoke products and custom built

As a leader in technology your wishes, your visions respectively your standards can be dealt with by our trained expert staff. Our goal is to come up with special solutions, which can be applied optimally for every purpose.

Special training is available though you as our customer are always able to provide spearhead knowledge to the markets. We provide cyclic testing schemes for your chain slings, be so kind and contact your sales partner for specific information.